Letný tatranský pohár 2019

21. 08. 2019 Streda, 16:00
22. 08. 2019 Štvrtok, 00:00
23. 05. 2019 Štvrtok, 00:00
24. 08. 2019 Sobota, 00:00
25. 08. 2019 Nedeľa, 00:00

From 21.8.2019 to 25.8.2019 under the Tatras will be held Summer Tatra Cup. Pleasant environment, good fun and wonderful prizes for you prepared by club BK Citybowling Poprad. We prepared 14 qualifying squads with the start, which starts at 15 €. Every winner of rounds will be awarded at the end of squad by bottle of amazing fine wine Mrva & Stanko. The total amount of prices will be divided among the players, reaching the amount of € 1,300. In addition, each player gets at the start raffle ticket and thus has a chance to win wonderful prices that include bowling ball, bowling accessories and main prize LCD TV. As in previous years we have prepared a banquet, to be held on Saturday, directly in the playroom, to which are invited all the participants of the tournament.